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Support a local Primary school with a STEAM-in-a-Box programme that matches your employee’s skills and company CSR goals.  With our different options below you can choose to Gift a Box to a School, Support a 5-week programme, Support a 10-week programme, with options of online or in-person programme delivery to the class, using your own company’s staff as co-teachers, or our qualified STEAM teaching staff.

How It Works


Our programmes are designed to support and enhance the STEM and Arts capacity of our over- stretched primary schools and teachers. To date over 50 primary schools (including a number of Gaelscoileanna) all over the island of Ireland have participated in our programmes, supported by inspirational STEM companies and professionals with great success!

You can be as involved as much or as little as you wish in terms of people time – we have flexible options to suit companies in all sectors and of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the options in more detail below or give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Option 1:

Gift & Go!

Option 2:

Support & Engage: 5 Week Class

Option 3:

Support & Engage: Premium/10 week class

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Frequently Asked QuestionS

We are happy to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any others, feel free to Contact Us.

Once your company sponsors a class(es) in a school (Option 2 or Option 3 above) you can volunteer to become an outreach volunteer, interested in co-teaching the programme.  You / your colleagues will be co-teaching, alongside the class teacher, in person (or via Zoom if school access restrictions exist).  

STEAM will provide you with training, resources, arrange your Garda vetting, give you support for school engagement and facilitate PR opportunities for your company.

If your company undertakes Option 2 above, you must commit to co-teach a 5-week programme for 1 hour a week over a 5-week consecutive period.

If your company undertakes Option 3 above, you and up to 3 of your colleagues must commit to share the co-teaching of  a 10-week programme for 1 hour a week over a 10-week consecutive period.

You must have degree level qualification in the relevant field (Science / Engineering / Climate Action), or equivalent experience (min 1 year in company)

STEAM will assist and support companies and organisations in school choice for sponsorship

Criteria to note:

  • Programmes are designed for upper primary classes, 4th / 5th / 6th class / P5 / P6 / P7.
  • The principal and class teachers must confirm their commitment to and engagement with the process to be of maximum benefit to the kids, as their co-operation is vital for co-teaching and the smooth running of the programme. STEAM will confirm this with the schools.
  • Ideally, programmes will be delivered to an entire year group e.g. if a school has two 5th classes we don’t recommend that your company  delivers a programme to one 5th class and not the other, for obvious reasons! STEAM will work with the company to identify a school with the desired number of classes to match the support level.
  • STEAM can work with the company to provide a list and map of schools to suit the company.
  • STEAM also have a waiting list of schools in some areas so we can suggest schools if the company does not have a particular preference.
  • Company co-teachers and the relevant class teachers will be paired up at the pre-programme training.
  • The school (as the company) may have a preference for Autumn or Spring programmes, depending on their own schedule and the class group involved. STEAM will confirm this with the schools.


School choice may be influenced by:

  • Geographic location: proximity of school to either the company site and/or co-teachers is usually important to minimise off-site and travel time
  • Addressing disadvantage: companies may choose to preferentially select DEIS schools 1 . DEIS schools have been identified as suffering from some level of educational disadvantage according to criteria assessed by the Department of Education
  • Addressing Gender Diversity in Relation to STEM: companies may choose to e.g. preferentially support girls schools (and/or encourage female co-teachers) to address the under- representation of girls and women engaging in STEM subjects and careers
  • Employee Requests/Voting: some companies encourage employees to choose the schools

Once the company has chosen their preferred school(s) to sponsor STEAM will contact and set everything up with the chosen school(s).

Gift & Go!


Also Includes:

Support & Engage: 5 Week Class


Also Includes:

*Just €750 to add an additional class group of 30 students

Support & Engage: Premium/10 week class


Also Includes:

* ust €1,500 to add an additional class group of 30 students