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STEAM Science

Inspiring kids to love Science Reason Challenges Figuring things out Imagination Evidence Understanding

steam Science-in-a-Box

Fun, hands-on, creative approaches to primary school science! Human Biology Diversity of Life Chemistry Physics Life Science Creativity Critical Thinking

STEAM Science-in-a-Box includes a series of fun, interesting and creative and curriculum- linked introductions to Life on Earth including e.g. the evolution and diversity of life; the structure of Bacterial, Animal and Plant Cells; Virus biology; Human Biology & the main body systems, the amazing science of DNA; the Big Bang, Evolution, Physics, Chemistry and more! curriculum; Easy & fun to implement for either Teachers, or a co-teaching team of Teacher plus Scientist! Target class groups: 4/5/6th [P5/6/7]

5 lesson / 10 lesson programmes Available Including:



Formation of the universe and the beginnings of chemistry - from the Big Bang to the Present - the "Big" History of the Universe

[5 lessons]


Building Blocks of Biology

The building blocks of life: evolution of cells - Bacteria, Animal, & Plant Cells, Viruses, Evolution & Diversity

[5 lessons]


Introduction to Human Biology

The body systems! Including respiratory, circulatory and skeletal/muscular systems; understanding your vital signs; & intro to the science of DNA

[5 lessons]



Company-supported programme - Introduction to Life Sciences, with a Co-teaching Scientist!

[10 weeks / 10 lessons]

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