In A Box
  • Fun Engaging
    25 Weeks!

All relevant materials and supporting resources induction mentoring provided.

Science-in-a-Box is a fun engaging 25 week programme designed to guide 9-13 year olds through a tour of the history of the universe, discovering the excitement and wonder of science along the way. Developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the primary school science curriculum it begins with the formation of the universe in the Big Bang, and moves through 13.7 billion years of expansion, through the formation of galaxies, the Sun, Solar System and planet Earth. It explores the beginnings of chemistry, the fundamental forces of physics, the evolution of life on Earth and the biology and impacts of humans.

The Programme is divided into 5 blocks of 5 one-hour lessons each:

Block 1: Formation of the universe and the beginnings of chemistry
Block 2: Fundamental Physics
Block 3: Space & Earth Sciences
Block 4: Diversity of Life
Block 5: People on Earth