In A Box
  • Fun Engaging
    10 Weeks!

All relevant materials and supporting resources induction mentoring provided.

Our 10 week MATHS-IN-A-BOX programme aims to lay the foundations for primary school children of a number of key mathematical principles and demonstrate how they are both relevant to and applied in real life the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and more. This is done through a series of hands on fun engaging lessons, delivered by experts from industry co-teaching with the primary school teachers, in 4/5/6th class in primary schools over a 10 week period, one hour per week, in school time.

The programme first addresses the question of ‘what is mathematics’ and goes on to explore 2 main areas:

Block 1: Numbers & their applications
Block 2: Shapes & Space

Lessons include sets; counting & grid systems – how they came about and how they are used; codes and code-breaking; interpretation of data and statistics; game theory; shapes in nature – what, how, why; tessellations; paths and circuits, and more.